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What is angioplasty?

Angioplasty is a fairly simple procedure that can mean a lot to your health. Here is some information on this important surgery and how it can help you. What does angioplasty do? An angioplasty procedure helps to open up the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart. These arteries can become …

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Tips for Vascular Health

Vascular problems can be debilitating or even deadly, and if you’ve had issues in the past you know how scary they can be. Here is some information about vascular health and some tips on how you can take care of yourself.  What causes vascular diseases? Issues with the vascular system can be caused by lifestyle …

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What Is PAD?

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a fairly common circulatory problem in which the blood flow to the limbs is reduced. The good news is that living a healthy lifestyle can often help with PAD and its symptoms. Here is some more information about PAD and exercises you can do to help treat it.  What are …

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What You Need to Know About Aneurysms

An aneurysm is a weakened area of the artery. Some people never even realize they have a problem unless the aneurysm ruptures; however, aneurysms cause over 25,000 deaths in the United States each year. Here are some things you should know about this potentially life threatening condition. How is an aneurysm dangerous? If an area …

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Are Varicose Veins Dangerous?

Varicose veins – they are unsightly and can be painful. But are they something to really worry about? Read on for some information about varicose veins, what they are, if they are really dangerous to your health, and what you can do about them. What are varicose veins? Varicose veins are caused by weakened or …

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Should You Worry About Poor Circulation?

“Cold hands, warm heart” is a cute saying that you may have heard many times if your hands are on the chilly side. However cute the saying is, though, cold hands can be a symptom of poor circulation, as can varicose veins – but is poor circulation really something you should be concerned about? Signs …

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What Is Vascular Disease?

The circulatory system is an amazing array of arteries, veins, and capillaries, all of which work together to keep us alive and active. There are over 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body, and if something goes wrong it can mean serious problems or even death. Vascular disease is any abnormality in the …

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Treating Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Approximately 20% of patients with diabetes will, at one time, have a diabetic foot ulcer. This can result in, among other things, amputation.  A foot ulcer is an open wound on the bottom of the foot, which can develop because of poor circulation, trauma, or after having diabetes for a long time. It can be …

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Why you shouldn’t ignore a diabetic foot ulcer

Diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic amputations in the lower extremities. Approximately 24 percent of diabetic patients who develop a foot ulcer will require amputation. That’s why it’s important to know what a diabetic foot ulcer is and what you can do about it. What is a diabetic foot ulcer? It’s an open wound …

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How sclerotherapy works to erase spider veins

If you have clusters of purple, red and blue squiggly lines under the skin of your legs and ankles, you don’t have to live with them. While spider veins typically aren’t painful, they can be unsightly for many patients who try to cover them up with clothing. Dr. Zakhary uses sclerotherapy to remove spider veins. …

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