bypass surgery

Bypass Surgery: 4 Key Recovery Tips

bypass surgery
bypass surgery
It is a serious matter to undergo surgery that removes plaque from the arteries in your heart. If you have undergone this procedure, we want you to maximize your recovery period by following some important tips. Following the recommendations of medical professionals reduces post-surgery complications and improves your health. If you’d like to learn more about bypass surgery recovery, please speak with board-certified Dr. Zakhary.

Recovery Tips for Bypass Surgery


Exercise is a critical part of your recovery process. Exercising will strengthen your heart muscles and make your heart healthier. A regular exercise regimen can also reduce your chances of needing surgery on your coronary arteries again. Of course, do not try to overdo it too soon. Exercise at your own pace and under the care of your healthcare provider.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Usually, a poor diet played a significant role in your lifestyle if you underwent bypass surgery. Although a doctor removed the plaque from your arteries, you will need to modify your diet for a healthier future. Eating a low-carb, high-protein diet can help your heart health. Many medical professionals will suggest consuming whole grains, nuts, beans, fish high in Omega3-fats, and leafy vegetables.


Surgery can be life-changing and exhausting. You may feel fatigued and unlike yourself during the immediate weeks following surgery. Furthermore, you will likely feel very weak. Getting adequate rest is important for recovery and your mental wellness.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol has a lot of natural sugars. Too much sugar can negatively affect your heart and overall health. Sugar also increases your chances of becoming overweight, which will add strain to your heart muscles. Moreover, consuming too much alcohol soon after recovery can worsen your condition and slow down your recovery process.

Bypass Surgery Professionals in Glendale, AZ

There should not be any guesswork involved in your bypass surgery recovery plan. Instead, you should be informed fully regarding what you should do and which activities and foods you should avoid. If you have any questions about bypass surgery recovery or would like a personalized post-surgery plan, consult a knowledgeable vascular surgeon, such as Dr. Zakhary, MD of Sammy A. Zakhary, M.D. PC. You may contact his office at 623-258-3255.


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